Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On the Fence

The "Store Closing" sign went up and people started coming in and really buying books! The 50% off sale has been a successful motivator, too. With money coming in, we can pay bills and get some new arrivals in hopes of keeping the momentum going. If we keep making money and continue digging our way out of the hole, we will be in a much better position when we do close. We are under no grand illusions, however, and have our exit strategy ready to implement. Ever walked a tight rope?
We have had many inquiries about the store fixtures. The email newsletter subscribers will get the initial announcement about when these will be for sale. To sign up for the newsletter send an email to info@berkmanbooks.com. Again, this is a nebulous date. We will keep you posted.

On to the fun part!
New Arrivals

Giving Good Weight
by John McPhee, Signed First Ed., 1979, $70 

Existential Errands
by Norman Mailer, Signed First Ed., 1972, $175

Cedar Whacker
by C. W. Wimberly, Complied and Editied by Dorothy W. Kerbow
Signed by Wimberly, Kerbow and Illustrator, 1988, $85

Pioneers in Gods HIlls
by Gillespie County Historical Society,
Signed by Lyne K. Lewis, Ella Gold and Esther Mueller
1960, $185

Facts of Life
by Willie Nelson, Signed First Ed., 202, $125

Last King of Texas
by Rick Riordan, Signed, 2000, $40

Texas Heritage of the Fishers and the Clarks
by O. C. Fisher, Limited First Ed., pictured with slip cover, 1963, $110

Straight From the Heart
By Ann Richards, Signed First Ed., 1989, $45

At Home with Carolyne Roehm
By Carolyne Roehm Signed, 2001, $85

Holy Bible
Coweperthwait, 1846, $310

Alamo Heights
Scott Zesch, Signed, 1999, $30

Texas Indian Fighters
by A. J. Sowell, First Ed., 1900, $2100

The Empty Quarter

by David Marion Wilkinson, First Ed., Signed, 1998, $30

The Driskill Hotel
by David Bull and Turk Pipkin, Signed First Ed., 1991, $75

Gourmet Cookbook

by Gourmet Magazine, 2 vol set with slip cover, $45

The Cambrian Railways
by Rex Christiansen, 2 vol set, 1968, $100

Kilgore College Rangerettes
Published by Kilgore College, First Ed., 1990, $100

Hurrah for Texas
The Diary of Adolphus Sterne, Edited by Archie McDonald, First Ed., 1969, $100

Two Centuries in East Texas
by G. L. Crockett, Reprint of 1932 Edition, 1962, $70

Headwaters of the Lavaca and the Navidad
by Paul Boethel, Signed First Edition, 1967, $250

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shelf Shots 2

The 50% off sale continues and is bringing badly needed funds. Thank you to everyone for the overwhelming response! 

Here are shelf shots of the American History Section, in chronological order (for the most part), World History and Biography. You can read the titles if you click on the picture to enlarge it. Call or email me if you want more information about a title.
To see more shelf shots, go to the bottom of this post and click on "older posts".

American History

AH 1

AH 2

AH 3

AH 4

AH 5

AH 6

AH 7

AH 8

AH 9

AH 10

AH 11

AH 12

AH 13

AH 14

AH 15

Hist 1

Hist 2

Over-sized History
OH 1

OH 2

World History
WH 1

WH 2

WH 3

WH 4

WH 5

WH 6

Bio 1

Bio 2

Bio 3

Bio 4

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This month's Literary Birthday is Howard Hawks

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