Thursday, August 26, 2010

Whispering in Class

On the Calendar
Fredericksburg author George Arnold will be signing a new release Enigma: A Mystery on Saturday September 4th from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Sunday September 5th from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Enigma is a joint offering from Mr. Arnold and long time friend Ken Squire. Set in Austin and full of twists and turns, this story also touches on current social issues.

The lives of seven young girls in Austin, Texas hang in the balance. APD Detective Sergeant Craig Rylander and Psychologist Amy Clark race against time to find them. The Austin Monster, presumed kidnapper, has apparently grabbed them off the streets, leaving no trace, no clues.
George Arnold began his book-writing career in retirement at age 58. His first book, Growing Up Simple: An Irreverent Look at Kids in the 1950s, with foreword by Texas humorist and icon Liz Carpenter, has won multiple awards.

Also available will be the C.I.A. Cats series, a multi-lingual adventure books for both juvenile readers and adults.

Art Arrivals
Cezanne by Himself edited by Richard Kendall, First Edition, 1994, $40

Carot from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
, by Gary Tinterow, 1996, $120

Edward Burne-Jones from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, by Steven Wildman, 1998, $80

Moscow Revealed by John Freeman, First Edition, 1991, $45

The South, A Treasury of Art and Literature Edited by Lisa Howorth, 1993, $40

The Art of Robert Bateman, Signed, 1986, $60

Master Drawings: From Cave Art to Picasso by Terisio Pegnatti, 1982, $95

Uncommon Stained Glass by Peter McGrain, 2002, $145 

Christo and Jeanne-Claude from the Wurth Museum Collection, Signed First Edition, 2004, $95

XIT by Caleb Pirtle and the Cowboy Artists Association, Signed First Edition, 1975, $50

Fredericksburg Texas, 150 Year of Painting and Drawings by Jack Maguire, First Edition, 1950, Ten Signatures: G. Harvey, Charles Beckendorf, John Hannah, Betty Ethel, Mark Hawurth, Irene Klein, Jack Cupper, Gotthold Lenz, Elsa Ingles and Jack Maguire, $650

An Autobiography by Willie Nelson with Bud Shrake, Signed first Edition, 1988, $135

Revolt of the Cockroach People  by Oscar Zeta Acosta, First edition, 1973, $90

Cigar Store Figures by A. W. Pendergast, First Edition, 1935, $55

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, 1976, $60

Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishinguro, First Edition, 1989, $75

Whispering in class...
Whose name will she doodle on her notebook, Janet Lambert?
Love Taps Gently, First Ed., 1955, $80
Friday’s Child, 1947, $35
Summer for Seven, 1952, $30
Whoa Matilda!, 1944, 25

Can you keep a secret, Carolyn Keene?
Hidden Window Mystery, 1956, $30
Mystery of the Tolling Bell,
1946, $25
Secret at Shadow Ranch, 1931, $25
Clue in the Old Album, 1947, $25
Secret of Red Fern Gate Farm, 1931, $20

What did you do this summer?
Remember the Alamo! by Robert Penn Warren,
First Landmark Edition, 1958, $40
Jungle River by Howard Pease, 1949, $45

Where did you go this summer, L. Frank Baum?
All of these are from 1960 and are $75 
The Road to Oz,  Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz,  Magic of Oz,  
the Scarecrow of Oz,  the Tin Woodman of Oz

You should have seen Tom Swift and his...
by Victor Appleton 
Undersea Search, 1920, $20 
Caves of Ice, 1911, $15
Big Tunnel, 1916, $12 
Air Glider, 1912, $5 
Electric Locomotive, 1922, $5 
Great Searchlight, 1912, $8

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Shelf Shots - Signed Books, Local Authors, Texas

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The Old West from Time Life

Handbook of Texas

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Mystery and Thriller Shelf Shots

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