Thursday, June 2, 2011

River of Reads

The 50% sale is over, BUT, the 40/40 sale is a pretty good deal.  When you buy $40 worth of books or more, your whole purchase is 40% off. Yes, way.

On The Calendar
Saturday, June 11, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Honk if You Married Sonja by Sonja Klein, written with a down-to-earth voice, is both cosmopolitan and unabashedly Texan.  The book sweeps the reader from Klein's ranch in  Real County ,  Texas  to  Vladivostok  to Cuzco  to  Dubai  to  Samarkand  and beyond.  The book's strength lies in the writer's technique of unselfconscious revelations.  If ever there were a female "Gus" in Lonesome Dove, Klein is it.  Klein captures the true flavor and spirit of the people and the land she calls home.  This heartbreaking, hilarious and unapologetic account of her life is priceless.  Sonja Klein is a native Texan and has won awards for her short stories, essays and poetry.  She lives on a west  Texas  ranch called Ambush Hill. 

New Release by Local Favorite George Arnold
Eiffel’s Trifles and his Troubles is the much anticipated 5th book in George’s popular C.I.A. Cats series.  Join Sir Buzzer Louis and his gang of crime-stoppers as they plan a devilishly-clever trap to stop Carlos the puma from blowing up one of the most prominent of the many monuments of Paris . Go with them to the top of the  Eiffel   Tower  and into the city's famous sewers where Luigi expects to find rats as big as muskrats.
Learn with them to speak French from the 750-word French vocabulary and pronunciation guide built right in. For more information about George and his books go to
Watch for more about his signing at our store in July.

History and Texana Room
Our  Texas  and History books now have room to breathe. We have opened up the back room and it is much more comfortable to browse. Come take a look

New Arrivals
Reminder: The books we feature in the newsletter and blog are the cream of the crop and represent the quality of a specific category. Along with these pricey rarities there are always many modestly priced treasures as well.

King Ranch by Tom Lea, 2 vol set, 1957, $175 (we have two sets).

With a Pistol in His Hand by Americo Paredes, Signed, 1958, $110

Trail Drivers of Texas by J. Marvin Hunter, Two Vols. 1963, $150

Texas Furniture by Lonn Tayloy and David B. Warren, First Edition, 1975, $325

The Alamo by John Meyers Meyers, Signed First Edition, 1948, $110

Anson Jones by Herbert Gambrell, Signed first Edition, 1948, $85

Llano Library
A friend in Llano with a private library is letting us find homes for his books. The majority of his library is Theology.  We are not able to accommodate all of his collection; we would need another thousand square feet of store. So we are bringing them here in increments.  Here is a sample of the river of reads coming your way.

The Babylonian Talmud, brand new 22 volume set, 2011,
Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture edited by Andrew Louth, 30 vol., plus supplements. Here are three of the 30.

Church Dogmatics by Karl Barth, 12 volumes, 1980, 35.00 – 50.00 each

Library of America Series, over 30 volumes with more on the way. These are beautiful cloth bound classics in gold trimmed slip covers. These volumes include writings from Cooper, Roth, Lincoln, Bellow, Whitman and Singer, to name a few. They are like bling for you bookcase. 20$ each.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Number of Lives

Oval Oven
Our good friend Mike Boase has opened The Oval Oven at the Chrisom Trail Winery at 2367 Usener Rd. Join him at his grand opening celebration this Saturday, March 26. Come celebrate spring during winery hours from noon to 6:00 with great wines, live music, and now, wood-fired oven pizza. Live music will be provided by Empty-Handed Vagabonds from 2:00 – 5:00. For more details about The Oval Oven, call 830-990-2710.

Escape From the Alamo
Dac Crossley will be here for a signing Tuesday April 5th 4:00 – 6:00 signing his book Escape from the Alamo. The defenders fought bravely, to the last man, giving their lives for freedom and the Republic of Texas. But suppose one of those warriors survived the battle? What could he do? Where could he go? Escape From the Alamo is a historical fiction novel about just such a scenario. Crossley’s other books are Return of the Texas Ranger and Guns Across the Rio. (

Spring Forward
Spring is here and once again we are open late, 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. The patio is all gussied up and ready for you to come and relax in the shade with your laptop, book or friends.

Bed & Breakfast and Books
We have the perfect neighborhood for book lovers. Aunt Violets B & B and Guest Houses are a stones throw from our door. Melanie Edgecombe has built two rustic Tennessee style cabins with tasteful and creative interiors, tucked away from the street. The grand 1913 Victorian house features the Morning Glory Suite and a hot homemade breakfast. (
Not only that, but you get a $10.00 gift certificate for our store.

Conclude your day with an exquisite intimate dinner at The Nest Restaurant. Owner-Chef John Wilkinson has a culinary style guaranteed to satiate even the most discriminating taste. (, phone 830-990-8383)

If you are a local, make reservations for your visitors at Aunt Violets or The Nest, or both and show off our unique shop. If you are from out of town, stay in our unique neighborhood on your next trip.

The Half Price Sale continues, but..
It has been working for us and inspires book lovers to own a treasure. Get 50% off when you select $50 worth of books. This sale will be ending soon, so take advantage of it quick!

David does the leg work and you get the gems. Estate sale excursions bring us books reflecting specific tastes and interests. Recently we picked up collections about Japanese Cooking, Art and WWII Pacific Theater from the Japanese point of view. Today we got Egyptian and Native American archeologically. Right now we have San Antonio history as well.
The numbers of lives reflected in the diversity of books we find make these books all the more special. Take advantage of our discriminating eye, these are one-of-a-kind books from one-of-a-kind people.

New Arrivals

Naples ’44 by Norman Lewis, First Edition, 1978, $110.

Battle of the Bulge by John Toland, First Edition, 1959
Signed by Col. Hurley Fuller and Gen. Courtney Hodges, $650


The Source by James Michener, First Edition, 1965, $60

The Great Santini by Pat Conroy, First Edition, 1976, $225

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, 1886, $300

Le Methode by Jacque Pepin, 1979, $100

Indianology by Jonathan Jones, First Edition, 1899, $1800.
This is the original story of Herman Lehmann published
24 years before 9 Years Among the Indians.

Pioneer Days by Mary Carmichael, First Edition, 1917, $325

East of the Sun and West of the Moon by
Theodore and Kermit Roosevelt, First Edition, 1926, $150

Seven Arrows by Hyemeyohsts Storm, First Edition, 1972, $75

Thomas Hope (1769 – 1831):
Pictures from 18th Century Greece, 1985, $150

Studies and Executed Buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright,
First Edition, 1986, $55

From Forge and Anvil, Erich Riesel by
Candace Leslie and D. Hopkins-Hughes,
Signed First Edition, 1992, $125

12 Volume Survey of Japanese Artist, Potters and Ceramics.
This rare find includes histories of methods, materials
 and artists styles, all in Japanese.
Utter beauty, hard to describe, you must see this for yourself.
1980, $300

“For one who reads, there is no limit to the number of lives that may be lived, for fiction, biography, and history offer an inexhaustible number of lives in many parts of the world, in all periods of time.”
- Louis L'Amour


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bookworms Retreat
Several of you have offered to pitch in at the store. Now we have a couple of tasks we could use your help with. For those that are crafty and dexterous, we have tattered covers to wrap in Broadart. That’s the plastic sleeve you see on old books.  For the detail oriented, we have stacks of books to be alphabetized and shelved.  Many of these are history and literature so if that is your interest, we can definitely put you to work. These are not the types of jobs that have to be done all in one day, so a few hours here and there, after work or school are all that’s needed. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about your local bookstore and enjoy a book-lovers retreat. Give us a call at 997-1535 to set up a time to visit about how you can help out.

The half price sale continues!
It is working for us and inspires book lovers to own a treasure. Get 50% off when you select $50 worth of books.

Bring us your clean used bubble wrap and packing peanuts, we use LOTS.

eBay Store
Berkman’s has a constant flow of distinctive titles coming weekly, too many for this humble newsletter to keep up with.  Go to the eBay store to see the latest.

New Arrivals

Private View, the Lively World of British Art published by Bryan Robertson, John Russell and Lord Snowdon, first Edition, $160

Life on Waller Creek by Joseph Jones, Signed First Ed., 1982, $75

This Kind of War by T. R. Fehrenbach, Signed, 1989, $95

Loves and Tragedies, an Autobiography by James McKinley Bryant, Signed First Edition, 1968, $120


Patrick Henry by Robert Mead, Signed First Ed., 1957, $60

Battle Cry of Freedom by James McPherson, Signed First Book Club Ed., 1988, $110

Rocky’s Chuck Wagon Stories by Rocky Regan, Signed, 1969, $45

America, I Love You by P. G. Wodehouse, Illustrated by Marc Simont, First Edition, 1956, $110
Scientific American Book of Projects for the Amateur Scientist by C. L. Strong, 1960, $85 (love this old science stuff)

Grimm’s Fairy Tales by Mrs. H. B. Paull (translator of Hans Anderson’s Fairy Tales), 1890, $65

Robinson Crusoe by Daniel DeFoe, 1889, $35

Rifles for Watie by Harold Keith, 1957, $70

Guns of Port Hudson by David Edmonds, Vol 1, the River Campaign, First Edition, 1988, $165

Drive by Col. Charles R. Codmon, Aide-de-camp to General George Patton, First Ed., 1957, $50

Atlantic Between by Rhoda Tanner Doubleday, First Edition, 1947, $50

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