Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Like Home

We did it; we moved a 2600 square foot store into a 1000 square foot cottage. With it we moved our signature quality titles and the style that has defined us in the last four years. We are enjoying being able to walk from one end of the shop to the other in less than 5 seconds.  It’s easy to plop down your bag on a chair and wander in, just like home. There is still much to be done, but the boxes are gone and the porch is swept.
 Now that fall is here, the courtyard is delightful. The surrounding trees bow to greet you. Scroll down for more pictures of the new and familure.

New Arrivals

Vantage Point by Lyndon Baines Johnson, Signed First Edition, 1971, $500

Military History and Atlas of the Napoleonic Wars by Brigadier General Vincent J. Esposito, 1965, $80

Napoleon, 1800 – 1814, by Proctor Patterson Jones, First Edition, 1992, $60

Thirty Years After, An Artist’s Memoir of the Civil War. Text and Illustrations by Edwin Forbes, First Edition, 1993, $55
Aboard the USS Monitor: 1862, The Letters of Acting Paymaster William Frederick Keeler, U.S. Navy, to his wife, Anna, First Edition, 1964, $45

Battle, the Story of the Bulge by John Toland, First Edition, 1959, $95

My Life: Grand Erich Raeder, First Edition, 1960, $50

The United States Navy in the Pacific by William R. Braisted, First Edition, 1958, $250

Old Yeller by Fred Gibson, 1962, $60

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Local Gems

Literature and Fiction


Texana and History

Furniture and Fixtures are still for sale from Main Street location. Please email purchase. 

Emilie's leather chair, $150
Thanksgiving chair, (the dark one) $50
Thomas's chair (the other one) $65
Welcoming table $100
Coffee table $50
Round occasional table $20
Blue children's super sturdy
will last forever bench $30

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Chapter

Don’t forget to stop in the Main Street store on Tuesday for the first pick of the remaining store shelves, fixtures and dollar books.

1, 2, 3, LIFT
We need strong arms to help safely move a few very heavy pieces of furniture. Let us know if and when you can help. 830-997-1535 or

New Arrivals
King Ranch by Tom Lea, First Edition, 2 vol. set, $140

Old Homes and Buildings of Fredericksburg by Elise Kowert, 1978, $110
Fredericksburg, Texas…The First Fifty Years, 1971, $100

Buck Schwietz’ Texas, Signed, 1960, $40

Hey! Hey! LBJ! by Scott Long, Signed, 1969, $85

Blue and Some Other Dogs by John Graves, Signed, 1981, $65

Visit to Texas in 1831 by Robert Gray, Signed Limited Edition #197 of 1000, $120

Charles Goodnight by J. Evetts Haley, 1979, $60

European Theater of Operations: Cross Channel Attack by H. M. Cole, First Edition, 1950, $75 (dozens of maps!)
European Theater of Operations Loraine Campaign by H. M. Cole, First Edition, 1950, $110 (more maps)

Return to Paradise by James Michener, Signed, Eight Printing, 1951, $175

 Trixie Belden by Kathryn Kenny,  #'s 1-12, 14 &15, 1971, $6 to $12

Follow us on up the road.

Here's is the furniture and fixtures we have left, come on by!

4ft. cases are $70 each. 
These are solid wool, doweled, 
no particle board, super sturdy. 
12 inches deep and 36 inches wide.

These paperback cases are a problem, 
they are screwed into the wall and 
the screw heads are stripped. 
If you can get them off the wall, they are yours for $20. 
HOWEVER, we have 2 that are ready to go, $50 each

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Book Bliss

Furniture and Fixtures
All of our lovely furniture and fixtures will not fit in our new little shop. What is left will go on sale to newsletter recipients on Tuesday September 14th at 10:00 a.m. An ad in the paper will invite the general public to shop the rest beginning Wednesday the 15th.  Payment must be made by cash or check, as credit cards will not be accepted and all purchases must leave with you. 

The move will be closely orchestrated and we need strong arms able to move furniture and boxes of books. There is one large item we REALLY need help with. I know this is your favorite thing to do in the whole world, there will be compensation. Call Lucy if you would like to assist. (830) 997-1535.

Old World
In 1764, Florida was bounded by Canada on the North, by British America and the Atlantic Ocean on the East, by Gulpf (yup, Gulpf) of Mexico on the South and by New Mexico on the West. New Mexico including California was 2000 miles in length and 1600 miles in width.
(Source: A New Geographical and Historical Grammar wherein the Modern and the Present State of the Several Kingdoms of the World is so Interpreted as to Render the Study of Geography both Entertaining and Instructive. Or, in short, The New Geographical Grammar published by AUTHORITY. )
This Ninth Edition, 1764, with very great Additions and Improvements to the Present Times is Dedicated to His Majesty, King George the Third and to the British Princes and Princesses, His Royal Brothers and Sisters. $900
No texting here, ty.

Twilight of the Empire by Allan Eckert, Signed First Edition, 1988, $95

Diary of Virginia Wolf by Anne Olivier Bell, 5 vol set, 1980, $140

The Waves by Virginia Wolf, 1931, $95

Zeka and Ned by Larry McMurtry, First Edition, Signed Twice, 1997, $65

Somebody’s Darling
by Larry McMurtry, Signed First, Edition, 1978 $125

Trailing the Longhorns by Sue Flanagan, Signed First Edition, 1974, $75

German Artists of Early Texas by Marjorie von Rosenburg, Signed First Edition, 1982, $60

Llano County by Llano County Historical Society, First Edition, 1989, $125

Easter Fires by Mary Doson Wade, Signed First Edition, 1984, $55

Revealing Character by Robb Kendrick, Signed First Edition, 2005, $120

The Sapphire Story Book
by Penryhn Coussens, Frontispiece by Maxfield Parrish, First Edition, 1917, $450

Formatting the Word of God from the Charles Caldwell Ryrie Collegtion, An Exhibition at the Birdwell Library, Perkins School of Theology, SMU, October 1998, $50

Simone De Colines Annotated Catalogue
by Fred Schreiber, Limited First Edition, 1995, $125

Ancient Sweetness
Long before the Aztec Empire, Mesoamerican lowland civilizations including the Olmec (1150-300 BC) and Maya (200 BC-AD 1550) raised and traded cacao as a valuable commodity. They drank it, as did the Mayans and the Aztecs, who poured it from one pot to another in order create froth on top, the part they liked best.

Spanish conquistadores and missionaries took the drink back to Europe, where it became fashionable with the aristocracy, who added sugar to it. The chocolate bar didn't exist until 1847. Today, Americans' average annual consumption of chocolate candy is nearly twelve pounds per person. Switzerland consumes more chocolate per capita than any other nation.

Enter Lecia Duke. Founded in 1984, Quintessential Chocolates Co. Inc. introduced a new product based on centuries old European process. After apprenticing under a Swiss master Chocolatier, Lecia’s Chocolat became the sole American producer of the process known as Liquid PraliƄe (liquid center chocolates). The process takes 3 to 4 days. Savor these morsels by letting each one dissolve slowly in your mouth. There is no hurrying centuries of delight.  

And the beautiful logo? The "Q" is from the artist Erte who created an alphabet from animals. The Resplendent Quetzal bird is native to Central America, southern Mexico, Guatamala, Yucatan through Panama. It was the most sacred symbol of the Aztec/Maya. The Aztecs considered it a blessing when Quetzalcoatl flew over. Likewise the “Q” in Quintessential represents the purest essence of any one thing, that fifth essence of life, the intangible life force beyond earth, wind, fire and water.

Visit Chocolat’s new location at 330 West Main Street, right next to the Fredericksburg Winery. The mural will tell the story of cacao, honoring the indigenous people who brought us chocolate. We must not forget from whence Chocolat came. My confession: late at night, I love getting lost in the book shelves while dining on wine and chocolate. Book bliss.

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